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Weaving Urbanity with Civic Ritual and Communitas: The Critical Need for Art to Reshape Our Urban Experience

This plenary session will take place on November 7 form 4:15pm-5:05pm.

Barnaby Evans, the creator of WaterFire, will discuss the historical, philosophical and urbanistic context for the popular art installation and his perspectives on the potential for art, aesthetics and ritual to revitalize and re-invent the experience of our shared urban landscape.  To overcome the growing disaggregation within our increasingly diverse and digitized cities we need to create new ways to forge common cause among our citizenry.  Art, ritual, metaphor and creative placemaking can build a new, dynamic and engaging “third place” to nurture diverse democratic values and broad civic engagement.


Check the full schedule for all session details and times.

Posted October 01, 2013 in: by Jess Powers

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