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How likely are you to recommend that a friend visit the city?: Survey responses from visitors to WaterFire Providence and the New Bedford Working Waterfront Festival

This session will take place on November 7 from 2:45pm-3:45pm

Determining the impact of festivals and cultural platemaking activities is not easy. Many surveys ask visitors about their opinions of the festival. That’s useful, but doesn’t get at the larger question of what these events do for their host cities. In this survey, students at Brown and Rhode Island College asked questions based on Fred Reichheld’s “Ultimate Question” article that encourages researchers to conflate complex ideas into one or two well-crafted questions. Our students asked visitors to WaterFire Providence and to New Bedford’s Working Waterfront Festival to rank, on a scale of 1-10, how likely they would be to recommend that a friend visit the city. Doing this in two cities, both during and separate from the festivals, allows insight into the effect of festivals on attitudes toward the city.


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Posted October 01, 2013 in: by Jess Powers

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