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Lori Lobenstine

Lori Lobenstine grew up in a family of community and union organizers, and decided early on that working with youth was her passion and her route to creating change. She has been a youthworker for the past twenty years, in settings as diverse as classrooms, basketball courts, museums and foreign countries. Most recently she cofounded the Design Studio for Social Intervention, a creativity lab for folks of all ages doing social justice work.  Prior to that, she was the Director of Teen Programs for Girls Incorporated of Holyoke, a BEST trainer (teaching youth development concepts to other youthworkers), and a very successful basketball coach. Throughout these experiences, she has struggled with the challenges of creating new designs with youth, in fields that are often top-heavy and funding-driven. As a life-long activist, she is inspired by the vision that new design tools and a greater design awareness will bring new energy and power to our work.  Lori is also the impresario of, a thriving online and off-line community of female sneaker customizers, collectors, designers and connoisseurs.

Posted October 10, 2013 in: by Peter A. Mello

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